Vintage Book ‘ The Gold Mines Of The Rand ‘ South Africa 1895- Hatch / Chalmers


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Approximately 10 3/8 x 7 1/8 inches.
Hard backed book having 306 pages.
I would say very good condition for the age being used.
Some marks /creases and light tears around over time.
Packed with information , pictures and graphs.
Comes with 2 separate maps in the back.
1 map approximately 53 x 19 inches and the other 35 x 19 inches.
I have had to photograph the larger one in 2 halves to get it all in.
There are some tears in some of the folds and it looks like the maps have been strengthened at some time.
There is no damage that cant be easily fixed if need be.
Some heavier marks to the covers and a little grubby .
All in all a fantastic book in very good condition for the age and being very heavy postage wise.
You are buying one used item.
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