Old Wood and Metal ‘ Light Bouy’ With Glass Lens Sunderland Sea Plane ??.Easco.


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The metal tube is approximately 17 inches long .
The wooden ‘ float ‘ is approximately 7 1/2 long x 4 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches.
The glass lens is still intact and marked : Eascolyte Reg trademark.
I have no way of testing this item so it is being sold as untested.
Eascol is stamped on the metal tube at one end.
The actual float seems to be in very good used condition having some age to it with marks around over time.
The makers plate on the side reads: Easco Reg’d Trade Mark, 1452, Type A.12E Made In England.
A very original item this .
It came with various spare parts from a sunderland Sea Plane many years ago ,so I am guessing that is the plane it came out of  although I cant be certain.

This is the last of those parts we have .
You are buying one used item.
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Weight 2000 g