Old Mahogany Veneered Desk Tidy With Glass Inkwells and Chrome Pen Holders.Upcycled / Recycled.


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Approximately 26 inches long x 12 1/2 inches wide ( front to back ) x 5 1/8 inches high overall size.
The center section is approximately 15 1/4 inches long x 5 3/8 inches wide ( f to b ) x 2 3/8 inches deep at the back and 1 3/8 inches at the front inside measurements.
Each side drawer is approximately 6 1/4 inch long x 3 3/8 inches wide ( f to b ) x 2 1/8 inches deep inside measurements.
A mahogany veneered box with wonderful patina having marks around over time.
Some cracks in the veneer in places that add to the patina.
There is a small piece of veneer missing on the left side panel at the bottom ( looking from the front )– see photo.
The side drawers are made from solid mahogany with dovetail joints , the fronts are veneered.
Two glass inkwells have been let in to the top with new chrome pen holders fitted.
There are no cracks or chips¬† on the ink wells , they are marked what looks like ‘ VELOS ‘ made in England , number 1619 ??.
The inkwells looked stained in the photo’s , they are not it is a reflection from the camera.
The inkwells look unused to me with hard plastic tops and look like they could be from the 1930’s-40’s.
The box itself looks much older.
The box has been converted / recycled from an old mirror base by us.
The drawers and center section base have been newly relined in a green velour material.
This item will grace any desk and is much better to the naked eye.

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